Jupiter Hvac Equipments


Product deatils



  • Frame: Heavy gauge high quality extruded aluminium profile with 25 mm flange width.
  • Face bars: 6 mm thick high quality aluminium bars with 12 mm pitch. 4 mm stainless steel bars as option.


  • Frame is constructed of high quality extruded aluminium profiled construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
  • Structure is robustly constructed with face bars positioned in the frame.
  • Face bars assembly is supported by heavy duty aluminium square tube.
  • Applicable for installation in gymnasium, sport halls, hospitals and computer

Circular Floor Grilles

Heavy duty circular floor grilles are custom made as per client’s requirements.

6 mm thick high quality aluminium bars in 12 mm pitch. 4 mm thick steel or stainless steel bars are optional

Circular floor grilles can be powder coated, chrome plated or made in stainless as per client’s requirements.