Jupiter Hvac Equipments


Product deatils

Construction and Materials


Strong polyester film laminated and encapsulating a heavy, corrosion resistant steel wire helix, forms the inner core and supports a think blanket of fiberglass insulation. The outer vapor barrier is a bi-directional reinforced metallized vapor barrier that will not unravel. The smooth airtight inner core of polyester is designed for low to medium pressure systems.


Insulated Flexible Ducts are a thermally insulated, fully lined, UL 181 Class I flexible air duct designed for low to medium pressure cooling and heating HVAC systems. It can be used in either supply or return sections and provides economical means for handling misalignment between systems components and ducting around obstacles where fabricated and fitted GI ducts are difficult and costly to use. It is equally suitable for new jobs or retrofit work and is especially useful when making system extensions or for changing conditioned zones, now or in the future. Compliance to NFPA Standards allows you to install lengths longer than the 14″ limitation applying to connectors for fire and flame safety in ducting systems. It is a highly efficient part of the total duct system because the smooth liner; the ample insulation and tough outer vapor barrier provide excellent airflow, thermal insulation and double air seal.

Features & Benefits

  • Underwriters Laboratories Listed Vendor
  • Complies with NFPA Standards 90A & 90B
  • Corrosion resistant steel wire helix
  • Fully lined for efficient air delivery
  • Outer vapor barrier is a jacket of fiberglass scrim reinforced metallized film laminate
  • Quality manufacturing leads to quality installation that increase volume and profits
  • Available through quality distributors strategically located
  • Available in 4.2, 6.0, & 8.0 thermal application values
  • Convenient packaging & handling of 25 foot long pipes