Jupiter Hvac Equipments


Product deatils

Diffusers are available for flush mounting in the ceiling. Suitable angle frames are also provided for the modular panel construction. The units are available in three standard sizes for top entry complete with opposed blade dampers.



LFD laminar flow diffusers are constructed from 18 swg aluminium sheet, perforated face with approx. 50% perforation. The perforated front face is openable hinge type complete with key operated dampers from front.


  • Perforated face diffusers are manufactured from aluminum to suit flush mounted ceilings
  • Available sizes: 600×600, 900×600 and 1200×600
  • Ideal for applications such as hospital, pharmaceutical, micro-electronics or alimentation industry
  • Including top entry plenum and opposed blade damper with operation lever through front face as standard
  • Powder painted white