Jupiter Hvac Equipments


Product deatils



  • Frame and core: High quality extruded aluminium profile with 33 mm flange width.
  • Damper frame and core: High quality extruded aluminium profile with natural aluminium finish. Black matt finish as option.
  • Optional diffuser frame: Stamped aluminium core.


  • The frame and blades are of high quality extruded aluminium profiled construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
  • Diffusers are coned type with each cone manufactured by extruded aluminium louvered profiles or one piece die formed aluminium construction arranged in concentric cones to deflect air equally in four directions.
  • Louvered type core is fixed to the frame with aluminium pins loaded with steel springs. Core can be easily removable and interchangeable to allow for maximum flexibility in installation, maintenance and damper adjustment.
  • Damper is fixed rigidly to the frame by aluminium rivets. Fixing by spring clips as option.
  • Damper blades are seperated from its frame by nylon bushes.
  • Opposed blade damper is screw operated from the face opening of the diffuser after removing the internal core. Lever operated damper as option.
  • Discharge air equally in four horizontal directions.
  • Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as option to avoid air leakage.
  • Available in rectangular sizes as option.
  • Suitable for flush mounting in lay in type ceiling.

Standard Finishes

  • Natural anodized aluminium finish.
  • Powder coated color finish as per RAL color codes.
  • Flexibility of finishing available as option.


Model ACD4

Same as ACD4+D, but without opposed blade damper. Suitable for return air applications.


Core Pattern

Air patternSquareRectangular
One Way
Two Way
Two Way Corner
Three Way
Four Way

Standard Sizes

Width in mmHeight in mm
  • Available in square and rectangular sizes.
  • Any combination of W x D.

False Ceiling Sizes

Duct size in mm x mmFalse ceiling opening size
150 x 150230 x 230
225 x 225305 x 305
300 x 300380 x 380
375 x 375455 x 455
450 x 450530 x 530
525 x 525605 x 605
600 x 600680 x 680

Concealed screw fixing from neck of the diffuser to the duct, after removing the inner core.

How to Order

Ordering Example:

ACD1D = DamperSpecify duct opeing size in mm x mmSpecify the quantity in numbersA = Anodized aluminium finish
ACD3F = FilterB = RAL 9010
ACD4E = Equalizing gridC = Other RAL colors

Selection example:

To select supply air square ceiling diffuser, four way throw, size 450 x 450, quantity 60 nos with powder coated color finish (RAL 9010).

Order as: ACD4 + D – 450 x 450 – 60 – B.